He Smells Like Christmas

I’ve seen Bumble guy every day since Saturday. On Sunday, I sent him a good morning text. He replied with a good morning of his own and offered breakfast. Of course, I said yes. Who turns down breakfast? Only a crazy person. After breakfast, we parted ways because I had a list of stuff to do which turned into just taking a really long nap and not being productive at all. Sunday was also the day that flea market guy had said we should meet for lunch. I don’t even know why I entertained the idea. I think because I knew he would flake on me, but I sent the text anyway asking if we were still on. He didn’t answer for hours because he was sleeping and by the time he did answer I had already hit the point of being relieved that he didn’t answer because I wasn’t sure I could even be around him without wanting to punch him in the face and that’s pretty bad for a pacifist. So I got up from my nap and feigned productivity some more until Bumble guy asked me if I wanted to come by his place and watch a movie. I don’t remember how much about him I’ve told you, but he is soooooooo not the kind of guy I usually find myself gravitating toward. He’s tall, skinny, bald, glasses (I actually think I did mention all of this). He plays video games (like Tomb Raider) and likes golf. He’s a great conversationalist and he’s funny in a quirky kind of way, which is my favorite. And he just likes being around me. He’s not judgy and he has no fucks to give about my past or really anything. He’s just one of those people who lets you be you. There aren’t enough of those people in the world. He may be a Republican for all I know, but that’s not going to stop me from getting an abortion if I want one (even though I really wouldn’t because if I got pregnant it would be a miracle and I would think it was a sign from God, but you get my point). Anyway, I went to his house Sunday and I was perfectly OK going there. I didn’t think he was just inviting me over so we could fuck like pretty much every other guy I’ve ever met. He was legitimately inviting me over to watch a movie. And then he made me dinner and didn’t make a big deal about my lack of meat eating. He just cooked his meat separately and threw it in the spaghetti later. Monday night, we met at a bar by my house and watched the Steelers game. Tuesday, I swung by his house for about 10 minutes just to say hi and get a kiss, because he may be the best kisser I’ve ever put my lips on. And then I saw him again for a little while tonight because I had some time to kill and I just wanted to see him. But he’s cool with small doses. He doesn’t want to occupy all my time, probably because his time is occupied by tomb raiding. And to top it all off, he loves that I perpetually smell like patchouli. I was withholding it until I got to know him more because not everyone is a fan, but I wore my favorite tattered ugly purple sweatshirt to his place and it reeks of patchouli oil so when he gave me a hug, he could smell it. And he said he loved it. He smells like Christmas. Or his apartment does. It smells like fresh douglas fir. I’ll probably write a poem about it.

I think he’s planning on being around for a while. Today he was talking about alternating weekend activities. He’s taking me to play golf this Sunday. But next weekend we are going to go walk a trail or hike in the mountains. So…long story short, he seems like a keeper, but it’s only been a few days and Flea Market Guy had me duped a week in so I’m taking things slow, but so far so good.

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