The Big Break

I guess it’s safe to say I took a break from writing. Whenever I’m mentally in a weird place, I pull away from the keyboard in an effort to not add anymore negativity in the world. But a lot has happened since I left. I’m still seeing Flea Market Guy most days. We have an up/down relationship. Mostly because I won’t walk away despite knowing that I probably should. He’s battling demons and not winning and I’m sitting around hoping for a miracle. But when we are good, it’s the best, so I just take what I can get when I get it.

I’ve also changed jobs again. Not that THAT should be a big surprise. I guess that’s why I rarely talk about what I do to make money. In my mind, my job is to write stuff. What I do from 9-5 is just to pay bills and buy food. There is no real happiness involved in it. And where there is no happiness there are no words. But I’ve pulled myself out of my Winter Blues funk and have taken in the pre-summer sun and vitamin D. I’m starting to feel like me again. So I’ve started to feel like writing again. And I guess, I’ve also accepted the fact that everything is not always sunshiney and rose colored and it’s probably OK to talk about the ugly parts of life because I do not have a monopoly on it. We’ve all got our ugly parts.

So, basically, I just wanted to take a second to say, I’ve missed you all. And I’m back. I still feel a million miles away so be gentle as I land.

Love you all… Thanks for being here.

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