There’s Going to be a Wedding (just not mine)…

I got ordained a couple of years ago so I could perform my daughter’s wedding. She wanted something small and intimate and basically told me that I probably wasn’t going to be invited since they weren’t inviting anyone. But, I could get ordained and come do the ceremony. And so, I went online and was an ordained minister in less time than it took to google “get ordained online.”

The wedding was a hit. It was small. It was intimate. It was beautiful. And there was food. And cake.

I’ve done a couple of other weddings since then. Small, intimate, beautiful weddings that also had food. And cake.

Today, I was asked if I would be able to do a wedding on July 4th. It’s short notice. I could have easily charged an arm and a leg for my time. But looking back on my previous wedding performances, I realized that I will work for food. And cake.

So I told the bride to be that it would be one million dollars. Or they could just pay me in food and cake.

With that being said, I will be doing a wedding on Independence day for food and cake. I’ve always been a fan of the barter system. Plus weddings are fun. Hopefully they won’t kick me out before the drunken karoake starts. Hopefully there will be drunken karaoke.

My daughter says I could be instafamous with a hashtag. We’ve settled on #ordainedforcake.

I guess I need to look and see if that’s a trending hashtag yet. If not, I’ve got a little work ahead of me.

Stay tuned.

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