Second Time’s a Charm

We got a little down when the first investor who wanted our house backed out, but my realtor friend (who is a hero by the way) was quick to find another. So on Thursday, we got a second offer on our house. It was the same as the first: a cash deal closing quick and leasing our place back to us until the end of February. So our tiny bump in the road turned out to be just that a bump.

And while things are going pretty smooth on this end, the contracts have been signed, the title company is already working on the closing, on the beach side of things, we keep running into brick walls.

Home ownership affords a certain level of freedoms, especially when it comes to animals and finding a place in Myrtle Beach that will allow us to have all of our animals is proving to be rather difficult at the moment.

I’ve posted in a couple of local groups asking for tips or leads to animal friendly houses. We’ve been given lots of suggestions for apartment complexes. Apartment complexes that have breed restrictions on dogs like my sweet little Zeus and Athena. No “aggressive” breeds they say. There’s really nothing “aggressive” about my dogs. They are 10 and 11. The most action they see is on Netflix from the couch that they refuse to get off. But, I get it, rules are rules.

We were going to put off our trip to look in person until the house closed and we had the cash in hand to offer, but Flea Market Guy is starting to get really stressed out. He’s more of a “what if it doesn’t work out” kind of person. I’m more of a “things always work out” kind of person. So I think in order to find some balance and ease his mind a bit, we should just take the short 7 hour drive down the road and do some in person research. I know there has to be vacant properties in Myrtle Beach. There are a ton of vacant properties in Knoxville just sitting sad and lonely with nobody to love them. We can’t buy yet because a lot of our income is from “self-employment” and we are admittedly bad at bookkeeping. Also, my credit sucks. His is pretty good, but without the income “verification” we’ve kind of fucked ourselves. We do a lot of work for cash, although our bank accounts can “verify” we make money, we can’t prove that we didn’t make it by being drug lords.

But the good news is, we are selling the house and we will be forced to do SOMETHING before the end of February. I’ve already let my job know when my tentative last day of work is going to be. Now, we just have to focus on finding a needle in a haystack property by the beach.

A more rational person might be freaking out at this point, but I have nothing but excitement brewing for this change. I can’t wait to explore all the little nooks and crannies the beach has to offer…bookstores, coffeeshops, brunch spots. My cup runneth over with excitement.

I’m looking forward to packing up and getting things ready to throw in a moving truck. So the big move is back on. Now we just have to find a place to live in paradise.

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