A Valuable Lesson

I do my best self destruction in the winter. I try to keep myself occupied and happy-ish by any means necessary. I always fail because I usually turn to other people to entertain me and keep my mind off my inconceivable sadness. And every year I tell myself I’m not going to do it. I […]

The Hammock Fell

Well, as you know I was seeing Hammock guy. And things were good, but something was missing. I realized it was magic. Or chemistry. Call it what you will. So I broke it off with him. It was funny because when we were out hiking, I was fine. I had fun. But when we were […]

Mercury in Full Effect

You don’t have to believe in the fantastical, astrological, or other theories of the planets and the universe to know that the last few weeks have wreaked havoc on some of the more sensitive lots of us. I fall into that category. Mercury went into retrograde and it seemed all hell broke loose in my […]

The Last FMG Rant

Today was almost better than yesterday because for most of it I sat at my desk with the window open feeling the cool Spring breeze on my face and listening to the birds. I have a lot of birds right now because I put a bird feeder out and I make sure it’s always full, […]