I’m a Hustler, Baby

I had an interview on Sunday with a lady who needs a personal assistant. I use the term “interview” loosely, as well as “personal assistant.” I met her at a local fast food restaurant and she told me all about herself. I didn’t tell her much about myself, but some people just aren’t that interested in listening about other people. Which was fine with me because I’m not that keen on talking about myself anyway. It was a quick 30 minute meeting where she told me that she was going out of town for the next 5 weeks and she wanted her house in order by time she got back. She only wanted to pay someone to come in Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-1. Which was kind of perfect for me because I don’t want to work full time anyway. Well, I do want to work full time. I just don’t want to do it at one job.

I’m much better at life when I have some variety. So that’s two gigs I’ve got now. The other one is doing someone’s accounting type work for their small business. And the third one is going to be teaching Zumba fitness after I go to the training at the end of this month. And a fourth one might possibly have something to do with real estate. I’ll know more at the end of the week. And my fifth hustle is writing. And when I say fifth, I really mean first and all the rest come after since that’s where my love lies.

Unfortunately, the writing gigs I have right now are my own and hence, are unpaid. But, I’m totally OK with that since I do realize that I have to write a masterpiece before I can make money on it. And if I’m being honest, I don’t really care about making money writing. I just care about writing. I have tons of skills so I don’t actually have to make money writing because I can hustle my way through my bills. And that’s pretty much my whole entire life plan right now.

Flea Market Guy says that plan is fine because he’s got everything under control. And I am (we are) finally at a point where I actually believe what he says. I kept waiting to have the rug pulled out from under me but it looks like the rug is firmly in place and we like standing on it together. I guess it’s a weird feeling for me because he and I have never been in this place before, but it seems like we are both enjoying where we are very much and I don’t see anything changing anytime in the near future and I am super grateful for that.

I don’t really need to have any of these gigs if I didn’t want to because FMG told me that I could take as much time off as I needed and just focus on writing. But I’m really good at procrastinating and self sabotage so I think until I get all my psychic energy reeled in and in a place that is conducive to my own success, I will just continue taking random gigs here and there until I don’t have to anymore or until I am finally on a roll with my writing.

I’m starting to get into the groove of things, but I haven’t quite got it all figured out yet so until I do, I will admit that I am scared to dive in head first and leave him with all the responsibility of the house especially considering he’s only got 39 days of sobriety under his belt. I don’t think he needs any undue stress or pressure. Like I said before, alcoholics will find a reason to drink if they are going to, but I don’t want to be the cause of his relapse and right now he’s very standing really strong in his sobriety and he just started a program to help him stay that way so I am very optimistic about our future.

So I will continue to hustle, because, like Jay-Z said, “I’m a hustla baby, I just want you to know.” And I will continue to be thankful for the time I have to breathe deep and watch the sun set.

Sometimes a loss is really a gain.


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