Depression and Suicide: Checking Out

Tara Condell hung herself. You probably don’t know her. Or even know of her. She was a beautiful, young, successful woman who at a glance looked like the whole world was spoon-feeding her happiness. She hung herself, because she was not happy. And then people called her selfish. Suicide doesn’t make a person selfish any […]

No Resolutions, Just Solutions

I took a break from writing for about 2 months. No blogs. No books. No poetry. Nothing. I just went dark. I didn’t feel like I had anything positive to say and I didn’t want to junk up the world with negativity. And I didn’t pull my trusty laptop out today because of a resolution. […]

Nice Girls Finish Last

I think I finally have my life back to some semblance of order. My heartbreak over putting the dog to sleep has passed. Over the last week or so, I keep walking into the house and feel like something is missing. But it’s just her missing from the couch. But I don’t feel bad anymore. […]

The Last FMG Rant

Today was almost better than yesterday because for most of it I sat at my desk with the window open feeling the cool Spring breeze on my face and listening to the birds. I have a lot of birds right now because I put a bird feeder out and I make sure it’s always full, […]

Welcome to 2018

Happy Monday. Happy New Year! I spent the weekend in Memphis with the man of my dreams (I’ll get to that part in a second). But I left early yesterday afternoon to come home. I didn’t want my kiddo thinking that I had abandoned him on New Year’sĀ Eve for some guy I just met. By […]

There was a Funeral

I went to Samantha’s funeral today, which is now yesterday by time you read this. I wasn’t sure I was going to go because never in my 41 years have I been inclined to go to a funeral. Not my grandmother’s, not my grandfather’s, not my father’s,  not my first love’s… I’ve always said funerals […]