The Weekend Off

I took the weekend off from blogging. Not because I didn’t have anything to say. Mostly, because I didn’t have anything nice to say. And we all know how that old saying goes, right? If not, imagine your mother’s voice and say, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” […]

Body Shaming for Sex

If you’re on my Facebook page, then you probably already know the story of the guy who propositioned me for sex on Plenty of Fish and when I politely declined, he proceeded to tell me that he would have been doing me a favor by fucking me because he doesn’t usually have sex with “bigger […]

Datin’ in Dayton

I went on a date yesterday. Not because it was Mother’s Day. Although, I do think that spending mother’s day on a date is a pretty good idea. I went with one of my Tinder matches. We met shortly after I got here. Made plans for Sunday. And low and behold, he actually followed through. […]

I Already Knew

I woke up yesterday and deleted my newly made Tinder account. I’m not sure why I go on these tangents where I think I need to find someone to occupy my time or to entertain me, because they are rarely entertaining or worth the time. Some of them still have my phone number, but it […]

Tinderizer and Tacos

I made the mistake of getting on Tinder last night before bed. By tonight before bed, I had amassed no less than 15 dick pics. I wish I could say it was a difficult task and took lots of effort on my part, but basically a few facebook photos of myself and a few winking […]

The Bar is Set

They used to say it only takes 21 days to start a habit. Now I think the number is more like 66. I decided last night as I laid down (early, hence the late blog) that it takes about 5 days to set the bar with me. There’s something to be said about maximum effort. […]