The Bar is Set

They used to say it only takes 21 days to start a habit. Now I think the number is more like 66. I decided last night as I laid down (early, hence the late blog) that it takes about 5 days to set the bar with me.

There’s something to be said about maximum effort. Especially when dating. I only say that because I have a date tonight with Flea Market guy. I know it’s only Wednesday. But the effort this guy has put in from our first date until now is like something out of a well-written novel. He does the “good morning” and “goodnight” thing. And he even does the after work, “how was your day?” thing. But it’s not just text either. It’s phone calls. Phone calls that lead to laughter and long conversations. And he’s actually trying to get to know me. Like… asking questions and then listening to the answers and then responding appropriately. It’s like this weird alternate dating universe that I never even knew existed. And I’m optimistic that things are going to continue to move forward and smooth sailing.

BUT… if it doesn’t. This guy has set the bar for all other guys to follow. And I’m a little worried that he’s ruined it for everyone… in just five short days.

In the midst of our conversations, we were pondering date ideas: some of which included gong camping and giving each other aliases that we had to refer to each other as when talking to any one or going into a store. Then we thought about going shopping and talking to people while using our fake British accents (I’m going to have to give him lessons on that one). Then he mentioned writing a story together (swoon). And then I was sent a list of unusual dates from one of my heroes and the writing date turned into going to an outdoor patio to write a murder story while asking people walking by what would be their option (ex: hatchet or bullet? tied up or drowned). I swear, it’s perfectly normal. And then there were about a dozen more.

And the great thing about this guy is that he is so open-minded. And I think he is pretty amused with the fact that I am so easily amused. Oh, also, he is adorable which probably helps a tad. And he’s about 10 feet tall. He’s really only about 6.5 feet tall but his personality is giant.

So tonight, we Gypsy swing dance. Or maybe we watch other people dance. I’m not sure.

And after that last fiasco with Off the Record (who incidentally called me yesterday), I’m not so quick to swoon over how perfectly matched we are and how he is my soulmate or anything, but I will say, I tweaked my soulmate meditation and then this guy appeared… so there’s that…



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