All Day In My Head….

Have you ever had one of those days that is full of realizations? I had one today. It was an emotional roller-coaster. Fall seems to be setting in like the algae in the swimming pools. Maybe it’s partly that. Partly that I was acutely aware of everything today. The first thing I realized today is […]

This Moment

Nothing exciting or amazing happened today, but then again, nothing exciting or amazing happened yesterday or the day before either, but one thing new did happen today. I managed to go the whole day without getting overwhelmed or really stressed out and I went the whole day without biting my co-worker’s head off. There is […]

Pre Menstrual Homicide

I guess yesterday was the calm before the storm. Every month around this time I go through one day of complete and utter exhaustion accompanied by one long terrible stomach cramp, one day of secretly binge eating salty and sweet food and, finally, a day of short fused irritation with every single thing right before aunt […]