The Long Version of Yesterday…

So, I guess I should explain yesterday’s blog. I know I left it kind of open, but I was a little in shock after the whole “I love you” thing. So it went down like this… we were watching the Yankees game and it was the top of the 8th. The Yankees were up by 4 (I think). I had it in my mind that they were going to win and I needed to get home and get to bed. So I tell Nate that I have to go. He walks me to the door and gives me a kiss.  There was a commotion in the living room from the game. I told him he better get in there that he was missing it. He’s a super fan. I’m just a willing accomplice to most things. So I gave him one more kiss and turned to walk to my car. Usually, he walks me to the car, but I guess because I turned and left so quickly, he thought something was wrong. So he asked me if I was mad about something. So I turned back around and walked down the three little steps back to his door. So, of course, I’m like, “why would I be mad?” And he’s like, “I don’t know, just checking.” So I go give him some more kisses because he’s not like a regular guy who doesn’t like that kind of thing. He’s like a sensitive guy who likes those kinds of things but will also shoot a zombie in the face if needed (or a robot, they freak him out). Anyway, I’m giving him some pecks. It wasn’t like a long, tongue filled kiss. It was just a playful few pecks on the face and the mouth. So I get ready to leave again and in between kisses, he says, “I love you.” Just plain as day like he was saying, “goodnight.” And even though I heard it, I had that seven-second delay thing. I heard it. It didn’t bother me, but I didn’t really process it until I got home. Well, I started processing it on my way home. When I finally got home, I text him that I was home. He said “good” and told me he was going to bed and he would talk to me later. I replied, “Ok, but before you go to bed, did you say you love me???” And then the world went silent. I thought for a minute (or for the next 8 hours really) that maybe I would never hear from him again and that I shouldn’t have brought it up because men are fragile. But the next morning, I got a text that said, “Good morning. Yes, I did.”  And that is one of the things I love about him. He doesn’t have any fucks to give either. He just says what he means. He said he felt like it so he said it, which as we all know is my kind of thing, too. Especially when drunk and my head is buried in a toilet. But I guess it doesn’t surprise me that he’d be fond of me. We’ve spent a lot of time together. I just had to laugh out loud because it’s not been two weeks yet. And I”m so comfortable around him. So comfortable that I am currently writing this on my laptop at his apartment while he plays tomb raider. Did I mention he’s kind of nerdy and not the type of guy I would normally fall for? But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand times more. You can find something to love about anyone. Some people just have more things to love about them. And he’s got a pretty long list. Even though things are moving fast, I’m not trying to move too fast, but as we all know, fast is kind of my style. I just hope that I don’t get bored and break his heart because I don’t think I’ve ever really dated anyone who has a heart.  I’ve dated guys who have a camera and like to send dick pics. And I’ve dated guys who claim to have a heart but really are just horny.  Basically, I’ve dated a lot of guys who just want sex and nobody I could really take seriously. I think the road of “marriage material” goes both ways. Men date one kind of woman and marry another. I think women have the same kind of thing going on, because until I was sick of dating all the wrong guys, I probably wouldn’t have given this guy a second glance because he’s not what I am typically attracted to. He’s responsible. He’s funny. He’s a great conversationalist. He’s good looking but in a nerdy, charming way, not in an “I just got out of jail” sexy bad boy way. And I guess it’s about time that I do the responsible thing and actually date someone who acts like an adult. And who likes to do adult things. And has an adult job. After all, I’m childish and irresponsible enough. I think the world needs some balance because two childish irresponsible people aren’t likely to work out ever. So I guess I have a boyfriend. Or I will soon. And oddly enough, I’m not really freaking out about it (yet).

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  1. My first reaction to this was that your overthinking this new relationship but then I realized that was what I love about your writing. Thank you!


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