Sappy Little Love Bubble

I went to the basketball game last night with flea market guy and my kiddo. It turned out to be a really good night. I like this guy. Yes, I’ve liked other guys before. Mostly because I like the excitement of getting to know people. And then I get bored. And then I move on. This usually happens by the end of the first or second date. I guess yesterday was our fourth official date. I’ve seen him more times than four. But a few of them was when he was down with the flu. Which in all reality, I should have by now. But, I’m still flu-less for the moment. Thank goodness. I also think the window has passed for me to be actually getting sick. I think the incubation period is only 2-5 days. And I’m past that. So, yay me. No flu. For now. So, four dates. Almost two weeks. And I feel happiness in my soul when I’m around him. Sure, it’s exciting. And it’s fun. And it’s still new. But it’s also peaceful. And easy. And sometimes just still. And in those quiet moments, when we can just be, that is where I am at peace. And also where I am a little scared.

Because I will be the first to admit that I fall in love fast. I can love just about anybody. And anything. It’s a gift and a curse. I will also walk away just as fast if it doesn’t suit me as perfectly as can be expected because I refuse to be destroyed by another human being and I’ve come close a few times. I guess that could also be considered a gift and a curse. The walking away.

Maybe it’s the writer in me that loves love. I can’t deny that I love the idea of love. I love the idea of having someone standing by my side. I love the idea of growing old with someone. I love the idea of sharing inside jokes with someone. I just love love. Admittedly, I also dismissed the idea that the real thing was ever in my future. Not because I’m skeptical. Just because I’ve tried and it never works out. So I didn’t figure I would ever meet someone who would embrace me and my weird quirky ways. It’s no secret that I’m different. I don’t hide it. I have my opinions on many, many things. I don’t typically waiver. I don’t care about having money. I don’t even care if my house is spotless or a mess. It’s just whatever.  I strive to be happy at all costs even if it means quitting jobs. I try to be kind and compassionate. I try to embrace people as they are.  The list goes on and on… and so far, flea market guy doesn’t mind.

So, yeah, my point is, I love this guy. I may not be in love with him at the moment, but so far, I love the way he is. I love that he is kind. I love that he is funny. I love that he makes it a point to keep me entertained (which is practically a full-time gig). I love that we can just do nothing together. I love that we never run out of things to talk about. I love that it’s not about sex at all. I love that he includes my son. I love that he likes my dogs even though they can be overwhelming assholes. I love that he is always on the lookout for something fun and interesting to get into. I love that he makes an effort. That’s probably my favorite thing about him. He makes it a point to know me. He makes it a point to be with me. Just because. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I haven’t found anything that I dislike about him yet. So, yeah, I’m pretty content. And I’m looking forward to the weekend when I get to see him again because I actually miss him when he’s not around versus that out of sight out of mind thing that usually happens.

So please forgive me if I stay in this little sappy love bubble for the next little bit, it’s just really warm here and I like it. Plus, it’s February now… the month of love, right? So, go love someone!



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