Love (NaPoWriMo 2018-4)

Driving through the snow
I’m the only car on the road
The plows haven’t even made it here yet
The radio says, “blizzard advisory, stay indoors, only go out if you have to.”
My belly growls. The kids are restless.
“When is this going to end?” they ask.
“Soon,” I tell them
I watch in amazement, slowing down while the slush attacks my windshield
and breaks a wiper
I try to pull over, get gas, and eat.
But the note in the window says,
“Closed due to weather.”
The kids grumble.
I clear the ice off my headlights.
It cuts my hand like a peach.
“Do you want my gloves?” the kids ask.
“It’s too late now,” I tell them.
So we drive on, slow and cautious,
Hours seem like years, and then we see it.
The snow plow.
I follow it closely, hopeful that the worst is over.
The kids’ excitement fuels my own.
It’s only raining now.
We drive on
with one wiper going.

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