Squats will be the death of me

After my leg workout Friday which included squats 6 different ways x 3, I had a pretty hard time getting up and down over the weekend. Especially up.

The worst part about squats, in my opinion, is trying to use the bathroom after you’ve done way too many. And I guess it wouldn’t be that bad if I didn’t saturate myself with water daily. I think I drink almost 100 ounces because I go by the rule of 1/2 your body weight in ounces so at 196 thats 98 ounces of water a day which equals going to the bathroom approximately seven thousand times a day.

I’ve never been “athletic” or someone who works out all the time, so I don’t even know if the pain of squats will ever go away. I mean, obviously I know it goes away in approximately 72-96 hours, but when I do them again this week, which I inevitably will, I will be in pain again.

So, basically, as soon as the pain goes away, I do more squats.

And please don’t think that I am complaining. I’m definitely not. I’m actually really grateful that I am healthy enough to do a squat and that I don’t have terrible knees or other issues to prevent me from doing squats.

I think the same thing when I get to the running portion of the 5K trainer that I’m doing right now. Friday was intervals and I completed the whole thing without stopping to rest and I felt so accomplished. Even though I know that my RPE of 7 is another runner’s RPE of 2, but that’s OK. I will eventually be able to cruise right along with the best of them and finish a marathon. And that’s my end goal.

So, the working out is really going well.
The nutrition is going really well, too.
The daily inner work is going well.
The Mindfulness planner is working well.

I would definitely say that I am becoming a better version of myself every day and for that I am thankful!

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