A Valuable Lesson

I do my best self destruction in the winter. I try to keep myself occupied and happy-ish by any means necessary. I always fail because I usually turn to other people to entertain me and keep my mind off my inconceivable sadness. And every year I tell myself I’m not going to do it. I […]

No Resolutions, Just Solutions

I took a break from writing for about 2 months. No blogs. No books. No poetry. Nothing. I just went dark. I didn’t feel like I had anything positive to say and I didn’t want to junk up the world with negativity. And I didn’t pull my trusty laptop out today because of a resolution. […]

The Last FMG Rant

Today was almost better than yesterday because for most of it I sat at my desk with the window open feeling the cool Spring breeze on my face and listening to the birds. I have a lot of birds right now because I put a bird feeder out and I make sure it’s always full, […]

The Best Worst Day Ever

I went to see Neil Hilborn tonight. He is a poet. If you have been on Facebook in the last two years, you’ve probably seen his poem “OCD”┬áIf you haven’t, go ahead and click back there and take a peek. It was a great distraction from the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been on all day. It’s […]

Heartbreak Hostel

I spent a very small part of my weekend mending my kind of broken heart. I can’t really say I was completely and utterly heartbroken. It wasn’t like I moved in and unpacked at the heartbreak hotel…. It was more like a short visit at the heartbreak hostel, just there for a night, not a […]