Another Day, Another Panic

I tried to win the mom of the year award by waking up at 4:15 to drive to Kentucky so I could watch my kiddo play in an end-of-camp basketball tournament. My alarm went off and I reset the alarm for an hour. I was too tired to get up. I couldn’t fall asleep the […]

Winter Rears Its Ugly Head in My Head

A week go today I woke up in Vegas. I had a great weekend there and then I got home to reality. Which is usually what happens when you go anywhere that is not your usual daily routine. It was cold-ish in Vegas, but only in the morning. Other than that, the weather was perfect […]

Self Diagnosis

I recently started this working out thing. It’s not like a real thing. It’s more like, I wake up, shower, get dressed, take the kid to school and then get on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes at the YMCA. I sneak in and out like a ninja. I don’t mean illegally. I do have […]

Honest to Blog

I watched a movie last night where this little girl started a blog. She wasn’t really a little girl, so much as a young woman, eighteen, with a slew of “issues” she was working through. She wrote it anonymously and changed her name and the names of all parties involved. She said that if she […]

Another Job Bites the Dust

If you remember my earlier blog about the job situation, there has been a series of events since that day. I would give you the short version, but it basically goes like, “I quit my job today.” The long version goes more like this. After I wrote the District Manager about my disgruntledness (is that word?) and […]

My Dirty Little Secret

Not many people in my circle know that I suffer from anxiety. And those that do, probably doubt me. I’ve learned to hide it well over the years and even to deal with it and accept it.  And maybe mine is different from most or I treat it differently, I don’t really know. I think […]