Awake in Somebody Else’s Dreams

They say when you can’t sleep, that means you are awake in somebody else’s dreams. I’ve been awake in somebody else’s dreams for the last two hours. I usually don’t have problems falling asleep or staying asleep. Tonight, I can’t seem to do either. There’s nothing particularly taxing on my mind. I don’t have any […]

A 90 Day Hiatus and a Box of Broken Dreams

My friend and her husband of almost ten years (I think) had a difficult week last week and it has carried over in to this week. When she called me today, I wasn’t expecting to be put on speakerphone to have a therapy session with the two of them, because, let’s face it, my experience […]

Maybe He Doesn’t Owe Me

As I was riding the bus earlier today, I was thinking about the blog I wrote the day before yesterday about Derek and how things have changed. I started thinking that maybe I don’t need to lower my expectations. Maybe I need to stop expecting anything at all. I thought,  I’ve never been a person […]

Mister, Mister, Mister 

It dawned on me earlier as I was writing about my unboyfriend that I hadn’t mentioned Mister, the married one, lately. Mostly because he’s a non-issue and I finally laid the whole situation to rest. To make a rather long story short, I ended up telling him (again) that he needed to deal with his […]